6 Reasons You Should Move To Santa Maria-Orcutt


The Weather

The California Central Coast including Santa Maria-Orcutt has been voted to have the best weather in the United States. In fact, in an episode of the game show Jeopardy the winning answer to the question "What US city was voted as having the best weather in the U.S.?" was Nipomo, the city immediately north of Santa Maria. Summer highs usually remain in the 70's during the day and the climate is so mild that most homes here do not have air conditioning. Winter sees cooler temperatures though daytime highs stay in the 50's and 60's. Snow? What is snow? We don't need no stinkin' snow!  

The Food

Santa Maria is famous for food. With farm fields right in the middle of town and fresh produce stands on many corners you can't get produce that is any fresher. Strawberries are grown all year. Other favorites are corn, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, peppers, chilis and lettuce. Oh, and let's not forget the world class wine grapes. The Santa Maria barbeque brings tourists from around the country. Oak pit cooked Tri-Tip is served everywhere from the finest restaurants such as Far Western Grill in Old Orcutt to corner stands and the county fair. Pinquito beans are another local specialty and are often served with tri-tip meals. Fine restaurants abound in Santa Maria as well as the rest of the Central Coast and foodies are never short of choices.  

The Wine

Wine is another specialty of the Santa Maria/Central Coast area and the area is dotted with picturesque wineries. One of the best ways to sample local wines is the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail where wineries such as Zaca Mesa, Rancho Sisquoc, Byron, and Fess Parker (yes, of Daniel Boone fame)have tasting rooms open to the public or by appointment. The perfect climate (see above) produces some of the best varietal grapes and the area is famous for Syrah, Merlot, Zinfindel, Sangiovese and Pino Grigio wines.  

The Beaches

There are no beaches in Santa Maria-Orcutt yet some of California's finest beaches are less than an hour away. Pismo Beach is world famous for off roading and big sand dunes. Avila Beach is renown for it's laid back beach style and the pier with the famous Olde Port Inn Restaurant (I give it 5 stars), the Avila Beach Music Festival and sport fishing. A must see and do is Morro Bay and the Morro Bay Harbor Festival. From Morro Bay to Jalama Beach near Vandenberg Air Force Base the Central Coast has a great variety of beach venues.  

Things to do.

Californian's are an active bunch and out door activities are everywhere. Santa Maria-Orcutt is no exception. Bicycling, jogging, hiking, wine tasting, fishing, surfing, kayaking, tide pool strolls, barbeques are all favorite pastimes for residents of our town. We have lots of parks in which to take a stroll, cook out, play basketball and baseball, play disc golf, walk the dog and play with your kids. The city hosts indoor and outdoor concerts, fairs and art festivals. What are you waiting for. It's time to call me to help you find your new home in Santa Maria-Orcutt!

The Community and People

The people truly are what makes Santa Maria-Orcutt so special.  There is an old fashioned politeness not found in may cities these days.  The people make this a true community.  People here care about each other and give back to the community with gusto.  Take a look at this video as an example.